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Here, at Healing Circle, evolving in Oneness is the whole idea of self development. Healing is a path that can be embraced by everyone. It’s essentially re-integrating by taking full responsibility of your life, understanding the purpose and meaning of life.

  • Rider Waite Tarot

    Your guides in the Spiritual realm. They are best tools for self development.

  • Numerology

    Numerology – the science of numbers – is a character analysis system based on numbers of date of birth

  • Switchwords & Frequency Numbers

    Words and Numbers for creating reality…..

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  • Dive Deep Into Chakras

    7 Major chakras make your life. By knowing about them in depth, you can change your life completely.

  • Handwriting Analysis

    We are exactly how we write. Problems in health, wealth and relationship can be cured by changing your writing.

  • Water Therapy

    Drink charged water for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

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About Healing Circle

Started with the vision of helping everyone improving the quality of life, Healing Circle is moving in this direction every moment with the constant endeavour of everyone who crosses our path. Lets move together in this direction…

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About Beenhu Sc Grover

Before I begin to pour my heart out to you, I would love to steal an opportunity to thank my Lord, my Guru, my Mom & my friends who never forgot to accompany me while exploring their own paths in life & made my journey beautiful with their presence.

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Holistic Approach

Holistic means whole. By combining many healing modalities and therpaies we try to uplift not only the body which is just the manifestation of our mind, but we cater to mind and soul to heal the person completely.

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We take classes in the group and on one to one basis. You can learn by visiting us personally or you can learn online – on Whats app, through skype and E-mail. Choose your venue also- West Delhi, South Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata and across all cities….

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