Today, when range of our necessities has changed, life style has become more lavish and thus maintaining an average life has become difficult financially for an average middle class person.Once called luxuries have become necessities today, government schools have been replaced by modern and public schools, gadgets have become inseparable parts of our being and list of change is endless.

So, what is the solution now? There are simple methods which can help in changing financial condition. Lack of money can be due to many reasons i.e our negative thinking, what we believe about money, our relationship with money and many more things. Whatever is the cause, if we are willing to accept and change, transformation is possible.

A combination of Tarot Card Reading with Analysis of Date of Birth and a cognitive session to find the root cause can help you tremendously. Once cause has been found, solution is easy. Conscious change in awareness and remedies to change sub-conscious mind through Tarot, Numerology, Handwriting and Switchwords, can offer solutions at multi-level. Once our conscious and sub-conscious work in harmony, life can be a blessing for everyone.