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Online Consultations

For Better Living : Cure Diseases | Improve Relationships | Gain Wealth & Prosperity

Choose from our handpicked range of Consultations.

RESOLVE any problem related to

  •  Physical and mental health
  •  Financial matters
  • Career and business
  • Relationships and family
and much more…

All of these sessions can be done online (via Skype or WhatsApp) or by visiting personally

Each life is different.

“No two flowers blossom in the same way” – Unknown. Similarly, no two persons go through exactly the same set of problems but as long as there is life, there is learning. You can call it suffering, struggle, chaos but it happens with everyone. Neither me nor you are different.  We have to understand patterns of our Karmas.

So if you feel that you are stuck in life and even after doing your best, your life is not changing for good? Don’t worry. You are not alone – I am here with you as your Life Coach and can help you in transforming your life.

We have been working with many people like you, who take charge of their life by implementing simple techniques and suggestions that we offer them after doing a thorough session.

You can choose from any of our Life Transforming sessions and if you are confused – pick up your phone and give us a call – we can suggest you what is best and usually we do a Combination of few to give you the best solution.

To make you aware of some technical details of each modality, we are including brief introduction of each therapy.

Numerology Reading

NumerologyEach number, whether it’s present in our birth date/name or is absent, has some significance in our life. If it is present if affects us in a different way and the absence of a number affects us in a different way.  Here we welcome you to join our two days course on numerology which will give you more insight about your life.With your Numerology reading and tracing your soul’s Journey with Moksha Patta (The Enlightenment Board) many queries of your life can be resolved.

Know your life deeper and better. Now is the right time. Don’t wait to decode the life of highest potential. Don’t live mediocre; live an extraordinary life. Consult for Numerology Reading before it’s too late to understand why it’s happening the way it’s happening in life. Don’t feel powerless – take the power in your hands.

The session can be done in person or online (via Skype).

Tarot Reading Session

Though Numerology talks about spectrum of your whole life, Tarot Card Reading can help you find answers to very specific questions and more precise the questions are, more accurate the solution is.

A Tarot Reading can help you with –

  •  Financial problems
  • Career
  •  Personal Life
  • Relationships
  •  Spiritual Development
  •  And many more….

Magic Remedies

A Unique Combination of Yantras, Mantras, Magic ECs & Cards

In the words of Sadhguru: “Yantras are tools to enhance our life in different dimensions. They are made for specific purposes and different types of yantras reverberate in different ways.”

Yantra is a geometrical diagram, or any object, used as an aid to meditation. We have many numeric Yantras which help us in removing difficulties and creating life situations we want but with awareness.

Similarly, A “mantra” is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual power..

After the session Display Board will be made specifically for you which can include one or more of the following as per the requirement:

* Numeric Yantras for:
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Wish Fulfillment
  • Business Prosperity
  • Protection
  • Removing Obstacles
  • Physical Ailments
  • Improving Relationships
  • and many more situations
* Mantras for rectifying different situations of life
* Combining Yantra Mantra and other form of healings
Making display board specifically for your requirement

Signature Analysis

Ongoing Individual Consultation

Your signature is your mark of personality on a sheet of paper. Every time you sign, you say look this is who I am, so Signature Analysis will help you achieve many targets.

Just by changing the way you sign a document or write, you can get better in many areas of your life. You don’t have to change your signature in legal documents but only in day to day informal life.

Brand & Company Name Analysis

Ongoing individual sessions

Do you feel that your professional life is not moving at the pace it should have been? Does it feel like something is stuck?

So let’s check the energies of your Brand/Company/Firm Name to get an insight – whether it is resonating with your Life Path and Destiny.

This analysis really helps. You are on a voyage here and your profession should be your vocation wherein you feel a strong sense of connectivity to whatever you are doing. Let’s get it right.

There is no need to go in the hassle of changing anything legally. It can be done otherwise as well.

Session will cover:
  • Analysis of your DOB
  • Analysis of your Brand Name
  • Finding the resonance of your Life Path with Profession
  • Suggestions for changing name if required