Is Suffering/Karma Real or is in Mind only

Many say – “All suffering is in Mind. It’s only a thought which makes us suffer.”

Some say – ‘All Karma is a thought and every karma can be undone.”

How true is this? Let’s try to understand both – Suffering and Karma.

Suffering is real, we can’t deny that. Some part of it is real and some part we create regularly with our thoughts. A woman, who is being physically abused by her husband regularly, is suffering perhaps every day. But a young girl who has been raped in childhood, suffered during the incident but because of lack of proper guidance, feels the hurt throughout life and her suffering continues. And then there are those, who only suffer in mind with no real pain. They create their own pain with continuously thinking negative.

This means, neither all pain is real, nor all pain is illusionary. So what is the solution? As every human being is different, his/her perception of life is different, the resolution is also different.  Those who fall into the first category, can be made suffering free by creating a change in their life. Second category people can be made pain free with regular counseling which can help them forget the past event forever and stay happy in the present. And those who only create pain in mind, can be taught various techniques to think positive and stay happy.

Now let’s talk about Karma – if Karma is a thought and every thought can be undone, can a person, who is being murdered by someone, become alive again just by reversing it in the mind of the person who killed another person. Not possible. It’s a very deep subject so covering it here completely would be difficult. But this understanding is important that our every thought, word and action creates our Karma and thus our destiny. There is no escape route. Every seed grows into multiple flowers so every Karma brings some result – good or bad depends on our seed.