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Numerology is a branch of knowledge dealing with occult significance of numbers. By studying the pattern of numbers in your life you can uncover truths of destiny or an individual. According to Numerology each number has a personality of its own and accordingly it contributes to your life either as destiny or a lesson to be learnt.

numerology chart is mainly based on your date of birth and the name given to you at the time of birth, also taking into account the name you use.

  • Numerology can help you decipher your strengths, weaknesses, your opportunities, your hidden potential and much more.
  • It can help you to better understand your relationships
  • It can enable you to see how world perceives you  and how you can enhance your self image to make your first impression a lasting one

You can do your own numerology by calculating some of the most important numbers that can help you to know yourself better.

Numerology Chart

Day Number

Soul Urge / Heart′s Desire Number

Life Path Number

Soul Urge / Heart′s Desire Number

Name / Expression Number

Growth Number

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