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Our hands are magical. We have been given immense power inside to heal ourselves.

Jesus Christ, Buddha and even Mother Teressa used to heal people just by their presence. The same Universal Power can be tapped in through our hands. The constant flow of Positive Cosmic Energy is there in the Universe but we don’t know how to connect with it.

Reiki – which is called the energy of the God, of the Universe, of the Prana – is a healing force which help us to heal ourselves and others through hands. From the cosmos, energy flows into hands through our body as a channel.


Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki meaning universal life energy. Reiki is an ancient ‘laying-on’ of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, that balances the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. Reiki is a powerful and gentle healer.

Reiki Healing is a simple form of spiritual healing that uses hands- on healing technique, with the idea of improving life force. Reiki was discovered by Japanese Buddhist monk, Dr.Mikao Usui in early 1900. It is believed that “ki” flows throughout the universe, and that Reiki connects humans in a more direct way to this universal source.



It treats the whole person. It fastens recovery from disease and shortens healing time. It helps those who are in good health to stay healthy and in a state of well being.


It reduces stress and harmonizes the entire system.When mind is in balance body can heal itself. Relaxed state allows the positive, healing energy to bring about well being.


It helps to let go of tension, fear, anxiety, or any other not so good feeling. It is called “A secret art of inviting happiness into your life ” by Dr. Usui


It helps in spiritual growth and to achieve higher states of consciousness.

These are just a few of the benefits that Reiki Healing brings into your life. Reiki Healing has been known to create miracles. As you open up to Reiki, you will discover myriads of benefits it offers.


  • helps to relieve stress
  • brings body, mind and soul to a more balanced state
  • provides deep relaxation, comfort & peace
  • brings spiritual clarity
  • calms and heals mind
  • removes pain from body and mind
  • works on all chronic and acute illnesses

  • supports pregnancy and childbirth
  • eases depression, insomnia, lack of confidence, addiction and fear-based illnesses
  • improves memory
  • enhances personal awareness
  • and provides many more benefits….


  • What is Reiki
  • Reiki History
  • Reiki Principles
  • 2 Attunements – level 1 and 2
  • Hands on healing
  • Healing physically, mentally, emotionally and at all levels
  • Healing career, relationships, anxiety and depression etc
  • 3 Symbols of level 2
  • Healing from distance
  • Reiki abundance meditation to manifest
  • Self healing and healing others
  • Integrating Reiki as way of life
  •  and much more…..

About Bbeenhu SC Grover

Bbeenhu started her career as a teacher but despite 5 years of hard work into teaching and subsequently 10 years into the business, there was some discontentment inside her. To quench the thirst of her soul she started learning holistic healing. Though she began with Reiki, her learning was endless. She kept learning many modalities.

She explored this mystical world more with Tarot and Numerology. To her amazement revelations were fantastic. Numerology talks in detail about the learning of an individual for current lifetime and Tarot provides support in making decisions based on the present situation of life. That is not all. Handwriting Analysis and NLP are the tools which she uses a lot while guiding people to show light. Handwriting reveals patterns of the brain and life and NLP helps to change mind completely. Moksha Patta is recent addition to her expertise which helps to trace journey of a soul. All these modalities help to change life of any individual.

She has been helping people from all walks of life with unique combination of Tarot, Numerology, Handwriting Analysis and Moksha Patta.

In her own words – ” I was destined to follow this path and today my life purpose is to help humanity come out of suffering. Everything which I have learnt is very special to me but to go deeper into life’s issues, I begin with Tarot, Numerology and Handwriting Analysis but finally, I go with the flow of Universal Energy.”

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