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Everyone wants happiness but attracts sorrow, everyone wants life to run smoothly but there are bumpy roads. But what is the Best way to live life which can bring joy and smoothness.
Take a Tarot Reading Session with Bbeenhu SC Grover to find Answers to all your questions which remain unanswered otherwise with your conscious eyes.


Tarot is a deck of cards e.g. Rider Waite Tarot Cards, Osho Zen Cards, Angel Cards and many more. Each of these cards have certain imagery, symbols and messages. We use them as tools for divination to predict likely future by peeping into the past and present. This guidance is from the Divine, to show us the light in our current situation.
Sometimes they are used for self-discovery and sometimes to know the unknown. Tarot cards can not only guide us but heal us emotionally, mentally and physically. They can bring Better Relationship and Career Opportunities.


Life can be very complex at times with changing Circumstances, Relationships, Career Opportunities, Personal Values and World Trends. There are times when we live in uncertainties in relationships, work life and even in our direction of life. These uncertainties lead to stress, wrong decisions and clouded judgments thereby creating more problems in our lives. We lose important people in life, life changing opportunities in work or business and sometimes life itself.

Sometimes we hold fears in us that prevent us from having success or living a wholesome life. Tarot can guide you to not only identify your fears but also to overcome them. Therefore tarot can help you with:

  • Issues in Business– “are you going through consistent losses?”, “Losing new opportunities?”, “Not sure if this opportunity is worth going for?”
  • Issues in job – “When will I get my dream job?” “Will I find growth in this new company” , “Is this job going to be good for me” , “ how to survive in this office politics”, “When will I get promoted”
  • Issues in finances – “When will my finances get better?”, “Is that deal good for me?”, “Will investing in speculative tools be good for me?”, “When will I get my money back?, identify your money making opportunities
  • Getting to know the unknown – “Does he/she love me?”, “Is he/shethe right one for me?”, “Is he/she cheating on me?”, “When will I find my soulmate?”,… Save yourself from heart aches and betrayals in love and find Mr/Ms. Right for you!
  • Health related issues – “Will my health issues get resolved?,heal you chakras and balance your mind and body


With the guidance received from tarot you can know about the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of any situation, person or question you ask. So grab the real power in you that can not only make you SUCCESSFUL but also the MASTER OF YOUR LIFE!


  • A child who is not able to decide about the subject to be chosen
  • A young adult who is not able to choose life mate out of many choices
  • A professional who is looking for change in area of profession but is confused
  • A middle aged person who is going through mid-life crisis
  • Someone who wants to know the purpose of his life
  • Anyone seeking Divine Guidance in a situation
  • Want to know Whys of situations and Hows of Solutions
  • Anyone who wants to change situation which is troubling
  • Anyone seeking divine guidance in a situation
  • Seeking answers to the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of any situation or person
  • Wants to discover new potential in self and convert weaknesses into strength
  • Anyone who wants to rise up in life, knowing the doings of destiny and converting setbacks into opportunities
  • Who wants to live life of Awareness

About Bbeenhu SC Grover

Bbeenhu started her career as a teacher but despite 5 years of hard work into teaching and subsequently 10 years into the business, there was some discontentment inside her. To quench the thirst of her soul she started learning holistic healing. Though she began with Reiki, her learning was endless. She kept learning many modalities.

She explored this mystical world more with Tarot and Numerology. To her amazement revelations were fantastic. Numerology talks in detail about the learning of an individual for current lifetime and Tarot provides support in making decisions based on the present situation of life. That is not all. Handwriting Analysis and NLP are the tools which she uses a lot while guiding people to show light. Handwriting reveals patterns of the brain and life and NLP helps to change mind completely. Moksha Patta is recent addition to her expertise which helps to trace journey of a soul. All these modalities help to change life of any individual.

She has been helping people from all walks of life with unique combination of Tarot, Numerology, Handwriting Analysis and Moksha Patta.

In her own words – ” I was destined to follow this path and today my life purpose is to help humanity come out of suffering. Everything which I have learnt is very special to me but to go deeper into life’s issues, I begin with Tarot, Numerology and Handwriting Analysis but finally, I go with the flow of Universal Energy.”

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