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About Cataract

A cataract is a clouding of lens of the eye. A normal lens is clear. Most commonly, as we grow old, lens becomes less transparent but it can be due to other medical conditions and sometimes it may be congenital. In the beginning cataract may have little effect on vision and vision is slightly blurred as it begins small. But as it grows bigger, it clouds more of the lens making it harder to see.

Causes of Cataract –

As we age, eye’s lens changes and it forms cataract automatically. But besides advancing age, there are many other causes which are responsible for cataract –

  1. diabetes
  2. trauma
  3. steroids
  4. eye surgery for other eye conditions
  5. hypertension
  6. obesity
  7. long exposure to sunlight
  8. smoking


Surgery is the only treatment for cataract. Once it starts affecting our daily life, making it difficult to see, clouded lens is removed and is replaced with a clear plastic lens.

Reiki and Acupressure Treatment for Cataract

Its really unbelievable but it is possible to remove cataract with the help of few magnets and Reiki. Regardless of your age, if you are ready to apply magnets for one year, you can get rid of cataract without surgery. Regularity, determination and willingness to heal are really important with these therapies.

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