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Numerology is a – Map of our Soul Journey.

Numerology is a method of character analysis which uses the numbers from our birth date and name. Numerology is a practical method of understanding our deeper nature, talents, goals, hidden characteristics, opportunities and challenges. It gives us a chance to be more aware of ourselves, the talents we have and the path we choose to accomplish our goals.



We are born on a specific day. We have a specific name. Why? Have we ever thought? Every number which appears in date of birth has some significance in our life, similarly numbers which are missing also tell us something. Our Name which has been chosen by our parents or someone else either spontaneously or after thorough research, gives very important information about our life.


To understand the energies of our date of Birth and Name through the Science of Numbers associated with them and making necessary changes in our route whenever and wherever required.

Our Name is our identity. We are individual beings recognized by
our names. Numerology says that if our Name is in sync with our Date of Birth (DOB), our life is easy, we are successful and we are abundant. Parents think hard before they finalize name for their children. A very well renowned numerologist has written – & Neither the birth date nor the birthname is accidnetal or arbitrary. The soul comes to earth in a physical body to learn lessons that can only be learned while in a material form. Your birthdate was the best time to re-appear on earth with your birthname – to learn the lessons of your life. Whether your parents searched long and hard for your name or came upon it in a flash, the name came to your parents through Universal wavelength they probable didn’t know existed.”

Western Pythagorean Numerology

Born in 570 BC in Samos, We know Pythagoras as a Mathematician who but he was a Numerologist as well. The Modern Western Numerology that is used in most of the Western countries today, was developed by Pythagoras. He was an Astrologer as well as Spiritual Mentor to many. In his method of Numerology, by calculating our Life Path number, Name Number, Soul Urge number and many other aspects of our Personality, we can trace a route which is best suited to walk the destiny of a human being. It’s kind of a Map available to
reach our destination.


  • Characteristics and Significance of Numbers from 1 to 9 Master
  • Complete analysis of your character
  • Future prediction of the current year
  • Your Destiny Number and it’s Significance
  • Expression/Name Number
  • Soul Urge/ Heart’s Desire Number
  • Karmic Debt Numbers
  • Growth Number
  • Maturity number
  • Karmic Lessons
  • Calculating Event Numbers
  • Calculating Transits
  • Pinnacles, Life Path Periods and Challenges
  • Harmony and Disharmony between Numbers
  • Changing Energies of Names
  • Complete analysis of your DOB and Name
  • Making complete Charts
  • Name Change Suggestions
    and much more…..


Anyone who is keen on knowing the science and mystery behind numbers.




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Tarot Readers

House wives

House wives

About Bbeenhu SC Grover

Bbeenhu started her career as a teacher but despite 5 years of hard work into teaching and subsequently 10 years into the business, there was some discontentment inside her. To quench the thirst of her soul she started learning holistic healing. Though she began with Reiki, her learning was endless. She kept learning many modalities.

She explored this mystical world more with Tarot and Numerology. To her amazement revelations were fantastic. Numerology talks in detail about the learning of an individual for current lifetime and Tarot provides support in making decisions based on the present situation of life. That is not all. Handwriting Analysis and NLP are the tools which she uses a lot while guiding people to show light. Handwriting reveals patterns of the brain and life and NLP helps to change mind completely. Moksha Patta is recent addition to her expertise which helps to trace journey of a soul. All these modalities help to change life of any individual.

She has been helping people from all walks of life with unique combination of Tarot, Numerology, Handwriting Analysis and Moksha Patta.

In her own words – ” I was destined to follow this path and today my life purpose is to help humanity come out of suffering. Everything which I have learnt is very special to me but to go deeper into life’s issues, I begin with Tarot, Numerology and Handwriting Analysis but finally, I go with the flow of Universal Energy.”

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