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Has anyone ever realized, why do we fall sick ? There is always a reason behind our sickness and suffering. There is always some message or some lesson to be learnt. Reiki not only deals with our sickness but also addresses the root issue which is responsible for that particular condition. Reiki has a very different way of healing the disease that is why where conventional medicine fails, Reiki takes over. With the help of Reiki , healing emotional and mental problems is also possible.

  1. Reiki for thyroid
  2. Reiki for diabetes
  3. Reiki for cataract
  4. Reiki for anxiety and stress
  5. Reiki for arthritis
  6. Reiki for allergies
  7. Reiki for depression
  8. Reiki for back pain
  9. Reiki for blood pressure
  10. Reiki for kidney and gall bladder stones
  11. Reiki for liver problems
  12. Reiki for kidney problems
  13. Reiki for fibroids
  14. and many more …

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Beenhu SC Grover
Vikas Puri
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New Delhi – 110018
W -126, Savitri Road
New Delhi
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